Who is @MrsYisWhy

mata_hariMrs. Y is a recovering Unix engineer working as a full-time senior security architect (part-time snarkitecht) at a large non-profit. In her abundant free time, she’s the sometime host and official nerd stalker of Healthy Paranoia podcast and a freelance writer for tech publications such as Information Week and Tech Target – SearchNetworking and SearchSecurity. She likes long walks in hubsites, traveling to security conferences and spending time in the Bat Cave. Sincerely believes that every problem can be solved with a “for” loop. When not blogging or podcasting, can be found using up her 15 minutes in the Twittersphere as @MrsYisWhy or Google+ as MrsYisWhy. Her professional profile and links to research, presentations and articles can be found on LinkedIn.*

*The photo isn’t really Mrs. Y, it’s an MGM publicity shot of Greta Garbo as Mata Hari, courtesy of Inmagine. But it creates some mystery about Mrs. Y’s identity.

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