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Kids on ComputerWelcome to Project KidHack. This framework includes vetted resources for teaching kids all about information security. In the table below we have broken out the educational resources by category and age range. The main categories currently include Games, Computers / Programming, Conferences / Presentations, Books / Podcasts / Blogs, and Curriculums / Competitions. Below the table are short descriptions of each resource.

In some cases there are links to in-depth reviews we have previously done. If you are interested in contributing a review, please contact us or add it as a comment below. Enjoy!

Age/Category Mapping

Games Computers / Programming Cons / Presentations Books / Podcasts / Blogs Curriculums / Competitions
3-5 Hackers & Agents (12+) Qimo (3+)
6-8 Pwn Edubuntu HacKid (5+) Super Scratch Programming Adventure (9+)
9-11 [d0x3d!]; Uplink; CryptoClub Scratch (8+) Hak4Kidz (8+) Python for Kids (10+) CyberPatriot (ES coming)
12-14 Control-Alt-Hack (14+) r00tz Hacking Secret Ciphers w/ Python CyberPatriot Teams (MS)
15-17 Hacker High School; CyberPatriot Teams (HS); CyberAces
18-20 CyberQuest Challenges; CCDC Teams

ES – Elementary School, MS – Middle School, HS – High School


  • Hacker: Series of 1990s era card games inspired by a Secret Service raid of Steve Jackson Games. (3/12/13)
  • Control-Alt-Hack: Card game released at Defcon in 2012 with the goal of teaching average people more about security. (11/23/12)
  • [d0x3d!]: An open source board game that helps teach non-techies computer security. (2/24/13)
  • PWN: Combat Hacking: Very fun and challenging attack/defend iOS game that introduces players to basic computer security terms and tools. (12/10/14)
  • VIM-Adventures: Learn the best text editor out there in this fun Zelda-like environment with over 13 levels. (7/8/14)
  • NSA CryptoChallenge: Targeted at college students this iOS game teaches cryptography concepts through a series of puzzles. (3/5/12)
  • Hackers & Agents: This Uno-like card game teaches basic security topics such as encryption, logging, SQL Injection, and rootkits. (4/8/15)
  • (Uplink – review coming soon)
  • (CryptoClub – review coming soon)


  • Learning the Computer: Discusses two great Linux distributions, Qimo and Edubuntu, that focus on teaching kids how to use computers. (5/25/12)
  • Learning to Program: Covers Scratch, Logo and several resources for finding an age appropriate programming language for your child. (5/18/12)


  • (Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python – review coming soon – free)
  • (Making Games with Python and Pygame – review coming soon – free)
  • (Hacking Secret Ciphers with Python – review coming soon – free)
  • (Python for Kids – review coming soon)
  • (Super Scratch Programming Adventure! – review coming soon)
  • (Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners – review coming soon)
  • HackerTikes Podcast (11/13/14)




Look for more coming soon…

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