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Our goal is to provide a central community for NoVA, DC, and southern MD infosec professionals. In order to accomplish this goal, we have put this general page together where we ask for assistance in keeping this site up and running. At this point is supported by Google ads and hard-earned cash out of my pocket. Any revenue goes towards hosting costs, web site maintenance, and an excellent part-time blogger/technical editor/communications director/… Additionally, in the near future we hope to open up blogging opportunities to the rest of our infosec community where you can get paid to blog on this site.

Currently, we are a SANS affiliate and belong to Amazon Associates but hope to expand this in the near future. Additionally, if you are an organization that would like to sponsor portions this site, please visit our Advertise with Us page or contact us directly.

So if you find the information we publish useful, please consider clicking on any Google ads you have an interest in (unless you have NoScript installed 🙁 ) or purchasing a book from Amazon through our search box or by selecting one of our recommended books below. Additionally, we offer a PayPal donation program where you can contribute a one-time donation, subscribe monthly, or subscribe yearly.

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