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Forum Troubleshooting

To simplify things we have chosen to use an external forum service provided by at this time. Although this lessens the risk associated with implementing a forum of our own, it does present some problems for those using more locked down browser settings. The following bullets note several items you may need to verify in order to get the forums working properly.

  • Allow JavaScript from This script allows the script to load the forum service.
  • Allow JavaScript from The script provided from RPXNow. allows sign-in from various identity providers including Google, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Add Cookie Exception: Many of us probably have 3rd party cookies blocked and this precaution usually breaks the forum authentication process. Your two options are to temporally allow allow 3rd party cookies or add a permanent exception for “”.
  • Insecure Content Warning: For security purposes we’ve configured the site to always force communications to https. This has caused issues in the past (e.g., with the Feedburner service) and again with the inter workings of the forum service. Specifically as of right now they don’t offer https capability so you’ll most likely receive a warning regarding insecure content when first loading the forum. Firefox looks to simply provide an error pop-up and you can just click continue to load the forum page like normal. Chrome, on the other hand, doesn’t provide a warning pop-up. Instead you’ll need to click the grey shield in to the right of the URL bar and push the Load Anyway button. After that the forum should work as expected.

If there seems to be a need for a more integrated forum capability on, we plan on upgrading to in improved solution in the future.