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The following are groups and meetups in that area that we are currently investigating or seem to be inactive. If you have any information about the following groups, we would love for you to drop us a line. To see the active meetups that we track, head on over to the NoVA Meetups page.

2600 Group – Baltimore: This group’s meetings take place at the Barnes & Noble cafe in the Inner Harbor. Just like the Arlington meetup, we assume people congregate around 6pm. 2600 meetings provide a forum to teach, learn, and discuss events in technology-land. Meetings are open to anyone regardless of age or level of expertise. For more information on 2600, see its description on our Infosec Organizations page. (Twitter: @maryland2600)

The DC, MD, VA CISSP Meetup Group: While they focus on helping people earn the Certified Information Systems Security Professional title, this meetup is for anyone who wants to learn or share knowledge of computer security. If you’d like to earn a CISSP certification, this group will help you get there. If you have a CISSP, use this group to help you find resources for continuing education and keep your credentials. (MeetUp: DC CISSP)

CSO Breakast Club Chapters: For more information on the CSO Breakfast Club, see its description on our Infosec Organizations page.

  • CSO Breakfast Club – Baltimore Chapter: They meet about every six weeks at one of the chapters; periodically they meet in Baltimore.
  • CSO Breakfast Club – DC Metro Chapter: They meet about every six weeks at one of the chapters; periodically they meet in DC.

DC Organization of Hackers: Similar to the NoVA Hackers Association in Virginia, DC Organization of Hackers (DoH) is attempting to bring the Austin Hackers Association (AHA) model to DC. People discuss current security issues and research to get feedback on early work or to get help. Be ready though … everyone is required to talk for at least 5 minutes on a topic of their choice. This group is one of the newer efforts that started in November 2009. (Twitter: @dchackers)

DefCon Groups

DojoSec Meetups: Based in Maryland and started by Marcus J. Carey, DojoSec meetups are exclusive Information Assurance events that present what you would find at a multi-day security conference all in one night. Meetups generally include technical demonstrations, expert industry speakers, and food. Meetups are usually held once a month at Capital College. All attendees must register before attending meetups. You can view videos of the DojoSec meetups on their Vimeo channel. (Twitter: @dojosec)

The Ethical Hackers Club (TEHC): With the growing interest in cyber security and the various certifications, this Hanover, MD based group is where like minded ethical hackers, penetration testers, and network / computer security professionals come together and share knowledge and mentor those looking to break into the field. Each meeting will strive to involve technical hand-outs, penetration testing labs to try out various security tools and scenarios as well as updates on the latest trends in computer and network security with occasional lectures by various security professionals. (MeetUp: Ethical Hacker Club)

Hacker News Readers of DC: Hacker News Readers of DC is a meetup group of over 320 startup founders and technology enthusiasts in the DC metro area (including DC, Northern Virginia, and parts of Maryland). They organize regular meetings at local bars and pubs to talk technology. (MeetUp: Hacker News DC)

Hacks/Hackers – Washington, DC: The worlds of hackers and journalists are coming together as reporting goes digital and Internet companies become media empires. Journalists call themselves “hacks,” someone who can churn out words in any situation. Hackers use the digital equivalent of duct tape to whip out code. Hacker-journalists try and bridge the two worlds. This group is to bring all these people together — those who are working to help people make sense of their world. It’s for hackers exploring technologies to filter and visualize information, and for journalists who use technology to find and tell stories. In the age of information overload, all their work has become even more crucial. This group aims to help members find inspiration and think in new directions, bringing together potential collaborators for projects and new ventures. (MeetUp: Hacks/Hackers)

Locksport International – Maryland Chapter: Located in Glen Burnie, MD this local chapter of Locksport International is made up of people who are interested in physical security, such as bypassing locks, learning new techniques for opening difficult locks, and connecting people. (MeetUp: LI Glen Burnie)

NoVA Forensics Association: This informal group is made up of those interested in computer/digital forensics and incident response. They have IT folks, LE forensicators, those who want to be forensicators, and even some of those who have been forensicators long enough to have retired. Typically they meet the first Wednesday of every month at Reverse Space. Watch their Yahoo Group for updates and announcements.

NoVA Sec: “Pure technical gatherings for security professionals in the northern Virginia area. Check your certifications at the door.” This is a local group run by a well known security professional Richard Bejtlich, owner of TaoSecurity. Meetings generally take place on the fourth Thursday of every month.

NutSec: This new group seems to be just getting off the ground but it’s definitely something to check out if you are in the Columbia, MD area. From their Twitter profile they describe themselves as “Columbia area computer security enthusiasts. We’re nuts about security!” (Twitter: @NutSec)

SecurityGeeks: Run by The Shmoo Group, this organization runs monthly meetings throughout the NoVA area. Back in the early 2000’s they seemed to be active, but we haven’t heard much from them lately. For more information on The Shmoo Group, see its description on our Infosec Organizations page.

  • SecurityGeeks – DC: This is simply a mailing list run by the Shmoo Group. They mention meeting monthly but it seems to be used more just for discussion.
  • SecurityGeeks – MD: This is simply a mailing list run by the Shmoo Group. They mention meeting monthly but it seems to be used more just for discussion.

University of Maryland Cybersecurity Center: The Maryland Cybersecurity Center offers a holistic approach to cybersecurity education, research and technology development, stressing “more-than-tech,” interdisciplinary solutions. MC-squared brings together more than 50 faculty experts from engineering and computer science with colleagues from across campus in fields such as information sciences, business, public policy, social sciences and economics. They periodically host a variety of infosec events.

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