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ISSA DC Meetup

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This event has passed.
ISSA DC Meetup
May 15, 2012 6:30 pm
ISSA – DC Chapter
April 17, 2012
Government Printing Office
732 North Capitol Street, Washington, DC, 20401, United States

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“Establishing Trust with Electronic Identities, When Electrons Aren’t Enough”

by Brent Williams


Now that information about individuals and companies abounds on the Internet – through social networking, public directories, and corporate data – how do we create and establish real trust with individuals and companies? How does that trust change over time and through routine interactions? The tools and techniques used to establish and maintain identity are just the beginning of a trust relationship that includes being able to establish whether the user is operating from a trusted environment, if they still work for the company that I do business with, if their device has been compromised, if they are calling from a landline that has been highjacked, or if somebody is trying to impersonate them. With recent compromises in what was considered the gold-standard of identity solutions, what solutions are good enough.

During this session, you will learn about the change from discrete risk management to broad-based trust measurement, establishing confidence levels in trust, understanding how trust and confidence level impact three different stakeholder groups – employees, supply chain partners, and end users, and how to implement these kinds of solutions. You will also come away with a deeper understanding of the reliability and availability of data about users across your enterprise – from internal data assets to public data assets and shared data assets.

About the Speaker

Brent Williams is a seasoned information security professional with over 20 years of experience as a government and industry practitioner. He is currently transitioning, post-acquisition, from a large credit bureau to start a new company, Araxid, that expands the discrete, traditional concepts of risk management into a diverse set of trust vectors that can be synthesized into a more meaningful trust measurement capability. Brent brings a global experience base across a wide variety of technical domains including IT security, identity, telecommunications, risk analysis, and complex data analytics. Finally, Brent has significant senior-level strategic experience with government information security solutions. This includes drafting national-level policy related to authentication into secure systems for the White House, developing security policy guidelines with the National Institutes of Standards and Technology, and participating national and international healthcare standards bodies.

As Brent is driving innovation in the building of the Araxid Trust and Reputation Evaluation Exchange (TREE), the Active Asymmetric Analysis (AAA) tools, and a wide variety of Trust Vectors that measure independent risk domains, he is helping sunset his role at the highly successful change agent, Anakam, which was acquired by Equifax in October of 2010. Anakam has developed an innovative approach to strong authentication of extremely large-scale user-bases for consumer, patient, and citizen-facing applications in e-health, e-government, and e-commerce. Brent has extensive experience delivering innovative, market changing solutions for not only government, but also healthcare, financial services, education, and high-tech companies – all seeking to improve trust in the way they do online business and offer more services across employees, trusted business partners, and customers.

Brent has also worked at Bolt, Baranek, and Neuman, GlobalOne, and Greenwich Technology Partners on the deployment of new Internet protocols across the telecommunication industry. This career took root after retiring from service as a US Nuclear Submarine Officer. His last duty station in the US Navy was on the White House staff leading the development of national-level policy related to national security telecommunications and continuity of operations. He also served as a Presidential Emergency Operations Officer. As a Submarine Officer, Brent is dual qualified as a nuclear power plant chief engineer and strategic nuclear weapons officer. He was also responsible for shipboard security and communications systems. Brent is a graduate of the US Naval Academy (BSNA) and Johns Hopkins University (MEE).


Note Meeting will take place in Room A138.

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