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  1. DJ (anon requested) on March 18, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Survey Idea. I’d like to submit a survey/poll, as I am shocked at the diversity of responses that I am getting where I work.
    Anonymity requested. Thanks, DJ

    IA (C&A) Policy Question for Suppliers to the US National Security Community
    Scenario: A US-based manufacturer with a DSS-cleared, manufacturing facility is on contract with USMC to design, build, and deliver a “new system” that must go through the customer’s C&A process?
    Question 1: Which USG agency has cognizance over the cleared facility and the security of the AIS processing therein? A) DSS, B) USMC, C) Other: ________________ .

    Question 2: Same question as question 1, except that the “new system” is being built in a compartmented space? A) DSS, B) USMC, C) Other: ___________________ .

    Question 3: Which functional element within the manufacturer’s organization has the responsibility of getting the “new system” through C&A? A) Engineering, B) Industrial Security, C) Other: ___________ .

    Question 4: Same question as question 3, except that the “new system” is being built in a compartmented space? A) Engineering, B) Program Security, C) Other: ___________________ .

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