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Intelligence Driven Incident ResponseThis forthcoming book, titled Intelligence-Driven Incident Response: Outwitting the Adversary, looks to be an interesting read to add to your wish list for anyone interested in getting into, or furthering their threat intel work. Kudos to Kyle Maxwell (@kylemaxwell) and Scott Roberts (@sroberts) for getting something like this out. Too bad the Cyber Kill Chain guys missed out on doing something like this years ago.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait until August later this year to get a glimpse of the content. In the meantime here is the publisher’s description just to get you started.

Threat intelligence—understanding the who, why, and how of attacks—is most valuable when applied directly to an organization’s incident response capability for hunting and investigation. Threat intelligence has become more common and important in recent years. However, many professionals want a better understanding of how to apply this intelligence within their operations and organizations. This book explains the fundamentals of intelligence analysis and the best ways to apply it to your incident response function.


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