QOTD: If You Can’t Protect, Then Don’t Collect

If It Doesn't Fit, You Must AquitI’ve been thinking about this one for a while given all the breaches over the past few years – including a nod to Johnny Cochran of OJ Simpson murder trial fame and his artful catchphrase – “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Additionally, industry experts have been making similar rumblings the past few months.

Far too often I see companies collecting information that they absolutely do not need. This is often due to the marketing department’s excessive need for information about their customers or perhaps some slight usability improvements. Then when they get breached, all that data is lost … and we get credit monitoring protection … again.

I’m not going to suggest recommendations as the linked articles above provide more than enough advice for companies, but as individuals just be sure to question them on why they need all this information, how long they are going to keep it, and how they plan to secure it from the bad guys. At least we can let these companies know that we, as their customers, think this is important.


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