Krebs’s 3 Basic Rules

PadlockWhat do you say when a non-technical friend or family member asks you how to stay secure on the Internet? My answer is usually to go search for Brian Krebs’ 3 basic rules. Although he is known for researching ATM skimmers, exposing pharmaceutical scams, crushing small bank transfers/money mules, and discovering massive breaches, one of the more unique resources Brian maintains is a page dedicated to helping non-technical users stay safe on the Internet. This resource, “Krebs’s 3 Basic Rules for Online Safety,” stresses a few simple guides we can pass along to our non-technical family and friends.

  1. If you didn’t go looking for it, don’t install it! (This is the one I most often cite when people ask me how to stay secure.)
  2. If you installed, update it.
  3. If you no longer need it, remove it.

In a companion article on his site entitled “Tools for a Safer PC,” Brian reiterates these rules and continues on with some additional details and advice to pass along. These include further suggestions such as keeping applications up-to-date with Secunia’s PSI or File Hippo’s Update Checker, controlling JavaScript in the browser with NoScript or ScriptSafe, and enabling Microsoft EMET for ASLR and DEP protection.

Further advice covers tips on passwords (choosing good ones and enabling two-factor authentication where possible) and hardening wifi access points (changing default credentials, enabling wifi encryption, disabling WPS, and configuring OpenDNS). And of course he covers the basics like using an antivirus/end-point security solution (e.g., McAfee, Symantec, and several free options like Microsoft SE).


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    Krebs’s 3 Basic Rules | NovaInfosec

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    Krebs’s 3 Basic Rules | NovaInfosec

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