FBI Recommends Paying Up for Ransomware

fbi-sealInteresting recommendation from the FBI here regarding ransomware. Of course the best solutions are regular backups … and obviously not getting infected in the first place.

FBI recommends that victims of ransomware pay up.

via SCMagazine.com

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) advises companies that fall victim to hacks involving Cryptolocker, Cryptowall or other forms of ransomware to pay the ransom, said Joseph Bonavolonta, an assistant special agent with FBI, speaking at the Cyber Security Summit 2015 in Boston

Noting that while the agency has their back, “the ransomware is that good,” the Security Ledger quoted Bonavolonta as saying. “To be honest, we often advise people just to pay the ransom” because efforts by the Bureau to defeat the encryption used have proved futile.

But he added that the success of the ransomware has benefited the victims in a twisted way because having so many people willing to pay has driven the price down since malware authors are less likely to try to charge excessive ransom amounts.

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