Some Numbers to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Incident Spending

$551,000 and $38,000 for Enterprises and SMBs respectively.

Here are some numbers to keep in your back pocket for when leadership balks at your request for security funding: $551,000 for large enterprises and $38,000 for SMBs to recover from a single incident based on a recent Kaspersky survey of 5,500 companies. The three most expensive incidents for enterprises included “Failure of Third Party Suppliers,” “Fraud by Employees,” and “Cyber Espionage” while SMB’s most costly incidents were “Cyber Espionage,” “Failure of Third Party Suppliers,” and “Network Intrusion/Hacking.”

Keep in mind that these numbers were arrived at through a survey of done for a security company so expect a bit of exaggeration. Still, at least it is a number that we can conservatively incorporate into discussions with leadership to build a case for investing in security. To get a more in-depth look into the survey and its results be sure to check out the full report on Kaspersky’s site.

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The average budget required to recover from a security breach is $551,000 USD for enterprises, and $38,000 for small and medium businesses according to Kaspersky Lab.

Based on a worldwide survey of 5,500 companies conducted in cooperation with B2B International, the survey concluded the most expensive types of security breach are employee fraud, cyber-espionage, network intrusion and the failure of third party suppliers.

Nine out of ten companies that took part in the survey reported at least one security incident, but not all were serious and/or lead to the loss of sensitive data. Results show most frequently breaches were the result of a malware attack, phishing, leaks of data by employees and vulnerable software which had been exploited.

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