Chinese Using OPM Data?

OPMTrend Micro released an interesting report towards the end of last week on the Chinese threat actor Iron Tiger. In it they discuss their targeting of the U.S. government, its military, and supporting contractors. Based on follow-up discussions with company executives, news sources have since been reporting that the Chinese are actively using the massive cache of stolen OPM data as part of these attacks.

Still, attribution is hard and no data has been provided yet beyond Trend Micro representatives “believing” the data stolen from OPM was used. Although this is an interesting development … for the vast majority of us it’s better to just focus on the “How” and not the “Who.” And to get more details on the “How” you better grab a copy of the full report from Google cache soon as Trend Micro has removed it from their site.


Chinese hackers used data stolen from April’s OPM breach in recent thefts of terabytes of sensitive data from U.S. defense contractors, according to Trend Micro’s Vice President of Cybersecurity Thomas Kellerman. As previously reported, Trend Micro published a report on Thursday entitled Operation Iron Tiger, detailing these extensive confirmed breaches by Chinese cyber spies.

In followup to yesterday’s article on this report, I interviewed Kellerman and had further discussions last night with Dr. Ziv Chang, Sr. Director, Cyber Safety Solutions, Core Technology at Trend Micro and lead author on the report. No contact has been made with Trend representatives since last night. Kellerman stated during that interview that he believes OPM data was used in formulating the attacks discussed in the Iron Tiger Report.

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    Chinese Using OPM Data?

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    Chinese Using OPM Data?

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