GenCyber – Cyber Summer Camp

Globaloria Student at ComputerLooking for another summer camp to send your kids to? Look no further than the NSA-sponsored GenCyber program. As detailed in the New York Times article below, the camps are geared toward kids in grades K – 12 and is free to attend. While the students get to learn basic security skills, the NSA gets a pipeline of younger talent interested in cyber security to hopefully head off the growing government skills gap. For more information on GenCyber and their summer camps, check out their website at


This is not your typical summer sleepaway camp.

Bonfires and archery? Try Insecure Direct Object References and A1-Injections.

The dozen or so teenagers staring at computers in a Marymount University classroom here on a recent day were learning — thanks to a new National Security Agency cybersecurity program that reaches down into the ranks of American high school and middle school students — the entry-level art of cracking encrypted passwords.

“We basically tried a dictionary attack,” Ben Winiger, 16, of Johnson City, Tenn., said as he typed a new command into John The Ripper, a software tool that helps test and break passwords. “Now we’re trying a brute-force attack.”

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    GenCyber – Cyber Summer Camp

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