Teaching Kids to Hack on Father’s Day

Father and SonA few weeks ago Martin McKeay put out a great post about his teenage son coming to him and asking “Dad, how can I learn to hack?” After a some Twitter “research” he pulled together a nice list of resources to get started. Some of my favorites included Hack This Site, Cybrary.it, Exploit Exercises, HacKid Conference, and PicoCTF. Anyway, given that it Father’s Day, this seemed like a good post reemphasize today.

via McKeay.net

My teenagers, like many teenagers, are curious about what their father does for a living.  They’ve been to maker faires, security conferences, unconferences, Defcon, BSides, Hack in the Box, and they’ve really enjoyed them all. They’ve heard me talk about all sorts of current events in the context of computer security.  Quite frankly, I’m a little surprised they still want to hear about security and privacy considering my propensity to monologue (aka rant) about most things security related at the drop of a hat.  But they’re both sponges and given that security has become something that’s in the public awareness, they’re still interested in security, and by extension, hacking.  Or maybe it’s security that’s ‘by extension’, because the idea of breaking into something will always be sexier than the idea of securing it.

This weekend that curiosity hit a critical threshold and the oldest Spawn asked “Dad, how can I learn to hack?” Now, I’ve never been a hacker, just a tinkerer who understands a little about a lot of things, so I did what many good security professionals do when faced with a question:  I went to Twitter.  And I got a lot of good suggestions from folks like Wim Remes (@wimremes),  Improbably Eireann (@blackswanburst), Andreas Lindh (@addelindh), Adrian (@alien8) and Erik Wolfe (@ArchNemeSys), just to name a few.  I also got some cynical feedback from Sid (@trojan7Sec), but that’s fodder for a different blog post.

Continue on here to read Martin’s full list.


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