Project KidHack Slides from BSidesCharm 2015

BSidesCharm 2015 Crab Hang FlagA few weeks ago I had the honor of presenting my Project KidHack talk at the BSidesCharm. The goal of the presentation was to discuss all the fun games we can use to introduce our kids to information security.

Here are the title, abstract, and slides for your viewing pleasure.

Project KidHack – Teaching Kids (and even some adults) Security through Gaming

Wanna teach your kid to be a hacker but don’t know where to start? Security is a fairly complex topic but games offer the best way for kids to learn the basics. This presentation not only reviews a sample of existing games that teach security fundamentals to a younger audience but also discusses a new crowdsourced project to catalog similar fun and entertaining ways to teach kids security. This project could help spur interest in later university and other programs and potentially a career … or at least make our children a more security-conscience adult in whatever field they choose.


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    BLOGGED: Project KidHack Slides from BSidesCharm 2015

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