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fav_icon_2In my continuing research associated with my KidHack Project, I came across this relatively new conference called Hak4Kidz. Their next event is going to be held in Chicago on June 27th at the TechNexus Venture Collaborative. And the CFP is still open through May 15th for those that are interested. They will also have a presence at CircleCityCon (6/12-14 in Indianapolis, IN), GrrCON (10/9-10 in Grand Rapids, MI) and BruCON (10/8-9 in Belgium).

via Hak4Kidz.com

Hak4Kidz is an event of ethical hackers and Information Security professionals dedicated to bring the educational and communal benefits of whitehat hacking conferences to children and young adults. We plan to accomplish this mission by putting our collective expertise and passion on display for the attendees to interact with us at their will. A combination of youth base speaking tracks complementing an open area of stations will enable the attendees to expand and enlighten their technical interests. For innovation to perpetuate, it’s imperative that today’s young users are exposed to the bigger picture of how we got here and to help realize their potential.

Check out the full site here.


Today’s post pic is from Hack4Kidz.lu.

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