AT&T Charging $29 for Privacy?

ATT-logoThis article title from Gigaom sounds appalling at first but sort of makes sense the more you think about it. You are essentially letting AT&T mine your data so they can display more relevant ads. That allows them to somewhat subsidize the cost of your Internet access, similar to how Facebook offers us a free service in exchange our preferences.

Personally, I do not see anything wrong with this practice. Now, if they raise their prices by $29 or some other amount overall and then offer a $29 discount, then that is very wrong. What are your thoughts?


AT&T just rolled out blazing fast fiber-to-home internet service in Kansas City for $70 a month. But there’s a catch: customers who don’t want the telecom giant spying on their web surfing will have topay an extra $29.

This is the same pay-for-privacy bargain that AT&T, which is competing withGoogle Fiber, first offered in Austin, Texas late in 2013. In marketing speak, the company explains that customers will get a better price if they offer up access to their data for use in internet advertising.

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    AT&T Charging $29 for Privacy?

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    AT&T Charging $29 for Privacy?

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