Holiday Security Tips for Family & Friends

PC GiftI heard about on the SecurityNow podcast a few weeks back… With holiday visits probably happening now-ish be sure to check it out and offer some of your non-tech family and friends some hints on keeping safe. The Viruses & Junk Software and Protecting Windows are great starting places but please consider their number one piece of advice — encourage them to invest in a Macbook Air … and for family members that only need to do the basics, and iPad is probably more than enough.

I don’t make this fanboy recommendation only based on advice from a podcast or website though. Years ago I purchased one of the low-end Macs for my Mom and my family help desk time went from several hours a week on a Windows PC to my Mom calling me bragging about how she figured something out every other month or so. Five years later and this same computer still handles all her needs without issue. Yeah, it’s a bit slower with the more modern OS X versions but still runs fine the few times she uses it. The rest of the time her iPhone fits her lifestyle well. And speaking of Mom, even has a page dedicated to The Mom Test.

Now from a security perspective, which has a nice page on, Macs and iOS devices are not as perfect as they use to be since attackers are targeting them more. Still though, they are singled out so much less often that the risk of anything bad happening is minuscule. For Macs combine this reduced risk with the use of a Standard user account and limited install/run of apps to those in the Mac App Store à la Gatekeeper, and your family and close friends are pretty safe for the foreseeable future.


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    Holiday Security Tips for Family & Friends

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