Where You Want to Be This Week for 12-15-2014

meetupWhere do you want to be this week? Now you’ll always know with our “Where You Want to Be This Week” feature, which will tell you about infosec meetups happening in your local area as of Sunday night. If you would like your event listed in our Calendar and in this post, let us know through our Submit Event form or mention it to @grecs on Twitter. Another great week of a couple of meetups to look forward to. Start off with ISSA DC Meetup on Monday. Then finish socializing things out with CharmSec Meetup on Thursday. As always if you are still looking for more to do, be sure to check out @grecs‘ Twitter feed as we might post something else you’d be interested in. With that said, here are your meetups for this week as well as a preview for next week.

This Week

Monday (12/15)

  • ISSA DC Meetup – [email protected] Cyber Defense Initiative 2014: “A Night of CryptoG” by Mark Hardy and  “Debunking the Complex Password Myth” by Keith Palmgren at Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC (more info)

Tuesday (12/16)

  • ISACA NCA Meetup – “Cyber Crime & Security” by Various Speakers at Holiday Inn Rosslyn at Key Bridge in Arlington. VA (more info)

Wednesday (12/17)

Thursday (12/18)

  • CharmSec Meetup – an informal, all-ages, citysec-style meetup of information security professionals at Heavy Seas Alehouse in Baltimore, MD (more info)

Next Week

And for those who would like to plan ahead, here is a preview of events on our calendar for next week.

  • No events scheduled

Remember that Baltimore NodeHacDCNova LabsReverse Space, and Unallocated Space are four local hacker spaces that also hold several standard activities each week … so check them out for more fun stuff to do. And be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter at @novainfosec and @grecs to be alerted about any last-minute events or to receive updates on the meetups listed above. Finally, check out our Calendar for a complete list of infosec events in and around NoVA, DC, and MD.

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