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USAF CyberwarriorsFor those non-public radio listeners, I came across this great interview on Fresh Air titled “An In-Depth Look At The U.S. Cyber War, The Military Alliance And Its Pitfalls” with host Terry Gross and author Shane Harris. Yeah, Shane is hawking his new book but overall the podcast kept my attention throughout.

At times I disagreed; at times I chuckled; and at times I actually learned something. One thing for sure though is that your non-security acquaintances will definitely appreciate the discussion of these important topics in lay terms. So pass it along…


This is FRESH AIR. I’m Terry Gross. Cybersecurity, cyberwar and the rise of the military Internet complex is the subject of the new book “@War” by my guest, Shane Harris. His book reports on how intelligence agencies are working to defend us against cyberattacks. But he also reports on how American intelligence agencies, sometimes with the cooperation of American corporations, are trying to dominate cyberspace and use it to spy on other countries and how those efforts are changing the Internet in fundamental ways and not always for the better. Harris covers intelligence and national security for The Daily Beast and is the author of an earlier book called “The Watchers: The Rise Of America’s Surveillance State.” Shane Harris, welcome to FRESH AIR.

Continued here.


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    BLOGGED: NPR Podcast on Cyberwar

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    NPR Podcast on Cyberwar #InfoSec #ghc_sec

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    NPR Podcast on Cyberwar

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