Security’s Existential Crisis

cat_with_an_existential_crisisRecently a writer for an online publication emailed me asking for a quote regarding the overall state of security. She wanted to hear about trends and know if there was a “go to” vendor. After a particularly rough week at work, I wasn’t in the most optimistic mood and wrote a long diatribe, which I then turned into an article for my very patient editor, Chuck, at TechTarget Search Networking. I still can’t believe he let me slip in a reference to “Waiting for Godot.”

The state of security is in existential crisis, with security professionals disillusioned and desperate for some progress in the uphill battle against attackers. Security vendors often tease us with solutions, but we are left waiting for that infamous Godot who never arrives. Compliance objectives, the dreaded checkbox, continue to drive purchases of traditional products, but even the money spent for those systems may begin to decrease as auditors realize many are worthless at actual prevention and offer limited detection capabilities. Information security can no longer depend upon that Maginot Line of basic security controls, hoping to keep attackers away from our most precious resources.

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