NTPasswd Updated after 3 Year Hiatus

offline-nt-password-03One of the topics we have a habit of covering here are older popular security tools that have been recently updated to better address today’s environment. The next tool in this series is the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor (a.k.a., ntpasswd or chntpw) with their first update in over three years. Released last month, the new version improves Windows discovery from boot drive, adds the ability to add or remove users from groups (think adding yourself to local admin), and incorporates new utilities that allow scripting.

For those that have never used ntpasswd before, you simply boot off of the CD or USB and follow the prompts to reset user passwords. By default most of the pre-chosen options blank a users password. Here is a quick 4-minute video of the older version in action just to give you a feel for how it works. Make sure to turn it up to HD, go full screen, and use lots of pausing to see the options.

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