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imagesI’ve probably mentioned some of these tools before in other articles and presentations but what I really like about this post over at Journey Into Incident Response is that two of the tools are from those in the local NoVA area. Their contributions include Noriben by @bbaskin and Automater by @tekdefense. Rounding out the post’s selection of tools are Process Explorer with VirusTotal integration, PEStudio for quick static analysis, Cuckoo Sandbox for dynamic analysis, and the Pinpoint Tool for researching drive-by downloads as well as and several useful websites.

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It’s been awhile but here is another Linkz edition. In this edition I’m sharing information about the various tools I came across over the past few months.

Process Explorer with VirusTotal Integration

By far the most useful tool released this year is the updated  Process Explorer program since it now checks running processes against VirusTotal. This added feature makes it very easy to spot malicious programs and should be a welcome toolset addition to those who are constantly battling malware. To turn on the functionality all you need to do is to select the “Check Virustotal” option from the Options menu.

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    More Malware Analysis Tools

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    #NOVABLOGGER: More Malware Analysis Tools

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    #NOVABLOGGER: More Malware Analysis Tools

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    More Malware Analysis Tools

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    More Malware Analysis Tools – find out more here #infosec

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