Can Too Much Security Be a Bad Thing?

cyber-secutity-262x174Here is a really interesting article from Gemini Security relating security to drugs. In the pharmaceutical field they have a concept known as the Minimum Effective Dose or MED. This value represents the least amount of a drug needed to achieve the desired effect. Taking too much of a drug though could have negative effects (e.g., overdosing).

Based on the MED concept, Gemini Security has introduced a similar idea for security called Minimum Viable Security (MVS). Here this value represents the least amount of security necessary to make a system secure. Again, adding too much security could have negative effects (e.g., an unusable system).

So … could too much security be a bad thing as well? Let us know in the comments below.


Water is critical to life. Many sources suggest drinking more water can lead to better health. And yet I’m sure you heard the story of the woman who died as a result of drinking too much water during a radio station contest in 2007. Water intoxication results when our water intake and water losses are grossly different. The levels of electrolytes in our system can get out of balance, causing basic functions of our body to cease operating.

Too much of a good thing–even water–can be bad.

A minimum effective dose or MED, as described in effective dosage of pharmaceuticals, is the smallest dose that will produce an effective outcome. Think of acetaminophen, the main ingredient in Tylenol. If you take the right amount, it can reduce fever and pain. If you take too much, it can harm your liver. Likewise with narcotics, overuse can lead to addiction and other ill effects.

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    Can Too Much Security Be a Bad Thing?

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    Can Too Much Security Be a Bad Thing?

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