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600px-national_security_agency_svg1I didn’t see this announcement discussed too much in the news… Late last month President Obama nominated Vice Admiral Michael Rogers as the new NSA chief. Taking over from General Keith Alexander, he would retain the dual-hatted role of leading both the NSA and US Cyber Command. He seems like nice fit for the position with over 30 years in the cryptology and eavesdropping business however a lot has changed over the past year due to the Snowden leaks. Will he be ready to lead the NSA in this new era of navigating the delicate line between secrecy and public scrutiny? Only time will tell.


President Barack Obama has nominated a US Navy officer, Vice Admiral Michael Rogers, to take over as head of the embattled National Security Agency.

Rogers, 53, would take the helm at a fraught moment for the spy agency, which is under unprecedented pressure after leaks from ex-intelligence contractor Edward Snowden revealed the extent of its electronic spying.

“This is a critical time for the NSA, and Vice Admiral Rogers would bring extraordinary and unique qualifications to this position as the agency continues its vital mission and implements¬†President Obama’s reforms,” Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who recommended Rogers for the post, said in a statement Thursday.

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    New NSA Chief

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    New NSA Chief

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