20% Off On-Demand Penetration Testing Course

Penetration TestingWe’ve worked with Bulb Security before to bring you great discounts for some of their one-day classes. This time Georgia and crew are offering NovaInfosec readers a discount on their first on-demand class — based on their popular Penetration Testing Level 1 (Pentesting with Metasploit) course. This version of the class is great for those that don’t have the time to work into Bulb Security’s existing live training schedule.

Receive $50 off either the $250 class or $350 class + 30 days of lab access. The $50 discount will bring the total cost down to ONLY $200 or $300 respectively! Select an option from the drop-down below and use the “Buy Now” link to get this special price.

Class Options

Here’s some more information about Bulb Security’s penetration testing class…



An expanded syllabus of the popular Pentesting with Metasploit 1 day class, with additional brand new material, this class is an ideal crash course for beginning and aspiring penetration testers. Starting out with the basics of using Linux systems and writing scripts and programs, this course quickly moves into using penetration testing tools such as the Metasploit Framework. Using Windows and Linux targets with real vulnerabilities encountered on pentests, students work through a hands on pentest being with open source intelligence gathering, moving through identifying vulnerabilities, exploitation, and finishing up with some post exploitation techniques, leaving students with a foundation for the more advanced post exploitation techniques covered in Pentesting Level 2. No previous pentesting, Linux, or programming experience is required.


  • Module 1: Using Kali Linux
  • Module 2: Programming
  • Module 3: Using Metasploit
  • Module 4: Information Gathering
  • Module 5: Vulnerability Identification
  • Module 6: Traffic Capture
  • Module 7: Exploitation
  • Module 8: Password Attacks
  • Module 9: Post Exploitation

Free Example Module:

What You Get

  • Recorded Hands on Material
  • 2 preconfigured target virtual machines (Windows and Linux)
  • VPN Lab access with additional targets (multiple lab options available)
  • Slides/Exercise Guide

How it Works

This class is pre-recorded and available on demand. You don’t have to be free for a whole Saturday to take it, as you do for the live option. You may work through this class at your own pace. You download the videos, virtual machines, and slides and work through the class independently. Based on what lab options you choose, you get a period of access to the Bulb Security or a training partner’s lab to practice your skills on a variety of targets.


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    20% Off On-Demand Penetration Testing Course http://t.co/96FCwJB8YG

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    20% Off On-Demand Penetration Testing Course – see our post for more info http://t.co/GRi3HwuwEw #infosec

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