The Rules of ShmooCon Club 2014

Pink Soap with Fight Club Written on ItJust a quick update to my 2012 version… This time around I tried to follow as close to the original Fight Club rules as possible. Now the first two, forth, and last two pretty much mimic these rules. Got any ideas of “better” rules or ones that map to the originals more accurately? Let us know in the comments below.

1. You do not talk about SHMOOCON.

… unless it’s on Twitter and you use the #shmoocon hashtag …

2. You DO NOT talk about SHMOOCON.

(see the 1st Rule for details)

3. Turn off what you don’t need.

And on a bit more serious note… Remember … this is a hacker conference so be cautious with our usual array of electronic goods we carry around. You need to be very careful of how your devices will interact with anything at the conference. With that in mind, we recommend that you disable any and all connections to your devices (Bluetooth, WiFi, NICs, USB ports, etc.) and only turn them on when needed.

If you absolutely must to connect to the Internet, use a broadband cellular connection. The Hilton was known for having some coverage issues in the past so you may want to invest in a pay-as-you-go access point from an alternative provider. The secure ShmooCon network is the next best bet but you might want to VPN out as well. For those that don’t have existing VPNs, we’ve looked at a few options before (see the comments for other suggestions too). Two more extreme options are to bring machine you can wipe at the end of the conference or simply just run everything off a LiveCD with no access to the hard drive.

4. Only three talks to a day.

The first time I attended ShmooCon, I over-scheduled myself by focusing too much on the scheduled talks. Overall, I probably attended about 20 talks. At the end each day, I was exhausted and just headed home to recover. What I hadn’t realized was that I only took part in a small portion of what the conference had to offer.

Instead I’m suggesting that you attend just three talks each day (no cheating here) and spend the rest of the time taking in everything else ShmooCon has to offer … Firetalks, Hack Fortress, Lockpick Village, Shmooganography, … and most of all … networking with other hackers and just enjoying yourself.

5. Don’t f*ck with the con’s secure wifi, local ATMs, or the hotel’s information kiosks.

Mess with the secure ShmooCon wifi network and you will have a lot of extremely intelligent people after you. Worst of all is the wrath Heidi may inflict. So take my advice and don’t mess with the wifi. Also, we want the good folks at the Hilton to have us back next year so please don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

6. Always wear a cheap “Hello I am …” sticker with your Twitter name and avatar.

This is not so people recognize you … but for you to recognize others. I know … most of us are pretty introverted but ShmooCon is a great time to get out from behind our computers and meet many of those we regularly interact with online. Here’s the magic move to start a conversation with anyone at the con. Find someone with a familiar name or avatar and say, “Hi, I’m [name] from [location]. How’d you get your ShmooCon ticket?”

(The alternative rule I was thinking of putting here that better mapped to the original Fight Club rules was “Talks must be given without pants or shoes.” This presentation technique seems to have been a trend at some recent cons however I don’t recommend it. 😉 )

7. The talks go on as long as they have to.

… unless it’s a Firetalks … those only last 15 minutes. For all other talks you might risk getting pelted with whatever projectiles come in the ShmooCon goodie bag or are provided by the vendors. Of course that could happen at the Firetalks too.

8. If this is your first time attending ShmooCon, you HAVE to yell “Bow to my firewall!” at the top of your lungs at opening or closing ceremonies.


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    RT @RellimMij: @grecs what happened to the old 3-2-1 rules? 3 hours of sleep, 2 meals, 1 shower, per day, required for all attendees ? 😉

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    More suggestions from the Twitters:

    RT @JoshInGeneral: @grecs #RulesOfShmooCon All other cons you go to meet ppl, at @Shmoocon you increase your ticket chances by knowing ppl @ForgottenSec

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    The Rules of ShmooCon Club 2014 – find out more here #infosec

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