ShmooCon FireTalks Schedule

FireTalks LogoThe wait is over and now the FireTalks schedule is finally here! For readers that have followed the ShmooCon Firetalks through the years, we are scheduling them a little different this year due to several other events occurring Saturday night. Specifically, the talks will start 15 minutes earlier than usual. Additionally, we will be moving one talk from Saturday to Friday. But that’s basically it. Everything else remains pretty much stays the same.

And don’t forget our sponsors for making this event possible! We really appreciate all the support Cobalt Strike (@armitagehacker), Tikras Technology Solutions Corp (@tikrascorp), CSR Group (@csr_group), and Hacker Academy (@hackeracademy) have offered this year.

And now we proudly present to you this year’s ShmooCon Firetalks schedule. What looks to be your favorite talks? Let us know in the comments below.

7:45 grecs Welcome
7:50 Mark “@markstanislav” Stanislav Eyes on IZON: Surveilling IP Camera Security
8:10 Bob “@strat” Stratton Get Out of Jail Free Cards? What Aviation Can Teach Us About Information Sharing
8:30 Michael “@michaelrash” Rash Crossing the Streams with State Machines in IDS Signature Languages
8:50 Nathan “@HackHunger” Magniez Another Log to Analyze – Utilizing DNS to Discover Malware in Your Network
9:10 Rob “@mubix” Fuller Windows Attacks: AT is the New Black
9:30 Gene “@gbransfield” Bransfield Weaponizing Your Pets: War Kitteh and the Denial of Service Dog
9:50 Sarah “@dystonica” Clarke Womens Tech Collective, and Gender Equality in Tech
6:15 grecs Welcome
6:20 Jim “@JimGilsinn” Gilsinn You Name It, We Analyze It
6:40 Michael “@theprez98” Schearer Having Your Cake and Eating It Too: FOIA, Surveillance, and Privacy
7:00 Bill “@oncee” Gardner Building An Information Security Awareness Program From Scratch
7:20 Zac “@ph3n0” Hinkel TrendCoins: Making Money on the Bitcoin/Altcoin Trends
7:40 Jay “@computerality” Little Writing Your Own Disassembler in 15 Minutes
 n/a Stacey “@StaceyBanks” Banks Gurl’s Guide to Breaking OpSec


What are your favorite talks? Let us know in the comments below. See ya!

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