Could Sale of 0-Days Soon Become Illegal?

cyber-weaponsGuess you won’t be able to sell your 0-days soon depending on how a recently passed piece of legislation on cyber arms control develops. The law, the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act, not only approves funding for the Department of Defense and a plethora of other defense-related expenditures but also requires the creation of mechanisms to “suppress the trade in cyber tools and infrastructure that are or can be used for criminal, terrorist, or military activities.” Does this mean hacking tools could become illegal too?


Agencies governmentwide over the next nine months must work together on guidelines for controlling the trade of cyberwar technology, under newly approved military legislation.

In programming, a cyberweapon often refers to malicious code that takes advantage of a software glitch unknown to developers, called a “zero day,” to insert itself and manipulate data. For example, Stuxnet, an alleged U.S-Israeli cyberweapon, upended Iranian’s nuclear program by exploiting a flaw in the country’s centrifuge systems.

The concern in Congress is that war worms, let loose in the black market, are being sold to the public and overseas aggressors.

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    Could Sale of 0-Days Soon Become Illegal?

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    #NOVABLOGGER: Could Sale of 0-Days Soon Become Illegal?

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