ShmooCon 2014 Firetalks Update, Con Line-Up, & Shmooze-a-Student

TikrasWe are excited to announce that we received our first sponsor for FireTalks this year… Please welcome Tikras Technology Solutions Corp as our Gold sponsor. Tikras is a Native American owned small business specializing in information security and assurance for government and commercial clients. For more information on them, be sure to follow them on Twitter at @tikrascorp or visit them at We still have other sponsorship levels available. Checkout our announcement post for more details and contact us or hit me up on Twitter (@grecs) if your organization is interested.

Also our CFP is still going on… We had to keep a pretty short submit cycle this year so don’t delay! It closes in less than one week on December 15th. Also you must submit even if you have already submitted to ShmooCon. We have two separate CFP processes so if you did not make it into ShmooCon, you must re-submit through our EasyChair SC2014FT portal to be considered.

Over the past week ShmooCon also announced their initial list of speakers. Locals making it on to the big stage included Rob Fuller talking about free ways to make it harder for attackers, Richard Harman driving into USB controllers, Joshua Schroeder et al. addressing CCTV attack vectors, and Christopher Truncer et al. discussing a new framework for AV evasion. Beyond those presentations some other interesting talks that stood out included Bruce Schneier covering how to counter NSA spying and Daniel J. Bernstein et al. talking about how to choose safe elliptical curves.

Lastly, we wanted to make more people aware of a new program ShmooCon is running this year called Shmooze-a-Student. Basically, infosec pros and ShmooCon team up to sponsor 30 students to attend the conference. Pros get a barcode while the students receive entry into the con and $200 to help cover travel costs and meal expenses. According to an update last week the infosec pros has stepped up however they are still looking for more student submissions. So please pass along ShmooCon’s Shmooze-a-Student page to any students you may know. The application deadline for students is 12/10 so act fast!


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    ShmooCon 2014 Firetalks Update, Con Line-Up, & Shmooze-a-Student

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    BLOGGED: ShmooCon 2014 Firetalks Update, Con Line-Up, & Shmooze-a-Student

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