Inaugural MACH37™ Cyber Security Cohort Announced

We covered the NoVA-based MACH37™ Cyber Security Startup Accelerator before. Following in the footsteps of Y Combinator, TechStars, and 500 Startups, MACH37 supports two 90-day sessions per year for security startups. Well … they just announced their first class of companies. Here’s a snip-it for each company from their announcement.

Cypherpath, CEO Kevin Rogers, Herndon, Va. – Cypherpath brings a new generation of services built around their virtual cyber test range and virtual cloud, which provides teams with the ability to create, modify, view and control virtualized environments independently and collaboratively. This new generation of technology increases the ability of Chief Information Security Officer’s to train, exercise, test, model and simulate through on demand replication of cyber infrastructure. Cypherpath provides the only on demand platform for realistic cyber-experiences.

Key Cybersecurity, Inc., CEO Shawn R. Key, Dumfries, Va. – Key Cybersecurity brings over 60 years of combined strategic thought leadership in cyber forensics to the ever-expanding security threat market. CyberMerlin, Key’s flagship product, employs algorithms and forensics investigative technologies that patrol enterprise environments and report abusive behavior, providing a proactive system that enhances network security.

Pierce Global Threat Intelligence, CEO Roy Stephan, Dunn Loring, Va. – Pierce creates tailored and automated threat analysis based on each company’s individual enterprise network, ecosystem traffic and flow data. The real time, raw, previously expensive and cumbersome threat data is then filtered and prioritized based on the individual company ecosystem, giving companies the ability to react to threats with a greater level of confidence.

CyberLingua, Acting CEO Jim Hunt, Tyson’s Corner, Va. – CyberLingua uses technologies developed over decades in the U.S. intelligence community to identify zero-day threats before they can cause damage. Instead of manually tracking logs or anomalies, analysts will now be able to identify and synthesize patterns and weak signals in cyber-data and their associated combinations of risks underlying advanced persistent zero-day threats.

Sikernes, CEO Ethan Allen, Bozeman, Mt. – Silkernes provides a Cybersecurity Analytics Platform (CAP) for organizations to analyze and understand the effectiveness and efficacy of cybersecurity expenditures. Using predictive analytics, and leveraging Big Data, the Sikernes platform fills organizational gaps and gives organizations quantitative information to control security budget planning, security execution, and resource allocation thus promoting organizational transparency while maximizing security strategy ROI.

Source: “Governor Announces First MACH37 Companies” –


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