30% Discount on Security Architect Training

I’m not really too familiar with SABSA however it does cover building security into our solutions rather than tacking it on at the end so it’s definitely something to check out. Recently the folks over at SABSACourses contacted us about posting one of their upcoming classes here for anyone that might be interested.

They are also offering a 30% off the $3560 price for NoVA Infosec readers, bringing the price down to $2500. Just head on over to their registration form and enter SABSANOVA in the comments section to get the discount.

You can learn more about this training over in our calendar post as well as on SABSACourses’ Foundational Modules page. For those looking to get a crowdsourced understanding, check out their Wikipedia entry as well.

SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) is a framework and methodology for Enterprise Security Architecture and Service Management. It was developed independently from the Zachman Framework, but has a similar structure.

SABSA is a model and a methodology for developing risk-driven enterprise information security architectures and for delivering security infrastructure solutions that support critical business initiatives. The primary characteristic of the SABSA model is that everything must be derived from an analysis of the business requirements for security, especially those in which security has an enabling function through which new business opportunities can be developed and exploited.

The process analyzes the business requirements at the outset, and creates a chain of traceability through the strategy and concept, design, implementation, and ongoing ‘manage and measure’ phases of the lifecycle to ensure that the business mandate is preserved. Framework tools created from practical experience further support the whole methodology.

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Today’s post pic is from SABSACourses.com. See ya!

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