BSidesLV Day 1 Postmortem

So I spent the first day at BSidesLV and caught a number of interesting talks and caught up with many of my online friends. Here are some quick notes I took along the way…

Keynote – “The Security Industry – How to Survive Becoming Management”: Christien Rioux, aka @dildog, provided historical look at how he started and progressed from a L0phT hacker to an “executive” that manages hackers. I didn’t really get too much out of this talk beyond some good fun startup stories. I was hoping to gain some insight into staying technical while doing management as well. I know … pretty much impossible except for in some small niche areas.  Still, I loved the stories … and in most cases that’s what keynotes are for.

“Attacking and Defending Full Disk Encryption”: Tom Kopchak discussed some of the more well-known methods for defeating FDE. That summary was followed by a vulnerability he found in one particular product and how he exploited that weakness to gain access to the FDE-encrypted disk. Basically, the product contained a hole in its single-sign-on feature that enabled access to encrypted content by changing the date of forensic images. The key point was that the encryption was great … but it all depends implementation.

“Hack the Hustle! Career Strategies for Information Security Professionals”: Infosec recruiter extraordinaire, Eve “@HackerHuntress” Adams, provided some very insightful tips on positioning yourself to get that dream job. Whether you are just trying to break into infosec or a well-worn professional, she provided some great tips on looking for that next gig. One of the key takeaways that I found interesting was not to be dismayed by those job ads with impossible qualifications … everything is negotiable … just ask.

“Information Sharing, or “I’ve got 99 problems and they’re probably pretty similar to yours”: Although very financially focused, Chris Mills presented an excellent overview of several of the current industry, government, and private information sharing groups. For the gov crowd one of the key points was that it’s actually possible to leave the government space and still keep your clearance. Just be sure to join a company that is part of one of the many information sharing networks sponsored by a government agency.

For these and many more talks from the conference, be sure to check out @irongeek_adc‘s BSidesLV 2013 Videos page.


What were some of your favorite talks? Let us know in the comments below. Today’s post pic is from See ya!

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