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Just a quick post with a bunch of widgets, links, and other things that try to pull the whole BSidesLV thing together… If there is anything you’d like us to add, just let us know in the comments below. For some travel suggestions, including restaurants, amenities, transportation, side trips and more, be sure to checkout our BSidesLV/Defcon Travel Guide as well.

Who: Security B-Sides (site)
BSidesLV (site)
July 31st – August 1st (registration starts at 9:00 AM the 31st)
Tuscany Suites & Casino (site, map)
Connectivity: BSidesPublic (NOT the hotel’s “Convention” wireless; passphrase is in the SSID: BSidesLV)


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  • BSidesLV Schedule: The official schedule from the BSidesLV website…
  • BSidesLV: Online and offline calendar for the iPhone… Not only do they have BSidesLV but also Blackhat, Defcon, and Passwords. I basically use this every year. Thanks to @darthnull for maintaining.


Pulled this from our  BSidesLV/Defcon Travel Guide post but it’s pretty much the same thing…

  • Wednesday – Thursday (8AM – 8 PM): Two shuttles will be running, one between Caesars and the Tuscany and another one between the Rio and Tuscany. At the Tuscany the shuttle picks up/drops off at the casino entrance. The Rio location is near the Defcon conference entrance. At Caesars head on over near Planet Hollywood’s entrance.
  • Thursday (10PM-4AM): One shuttle will run between the Rio and Tuscany for the Thursday night party.

Talks & Video

Videos on Irongeek’s site or his YouTube channel.

Lunch/Dinner Options

Pulled this from our  BSidesLV/Defcon Travel Guide post but it’s pretty much the same thing… Overall, the onsite restaurants are a pretty good value.

  • Tuscany Gardens: A decent Italian place that I’ve heard good things about so far. I’ll update this after I try it out.
  • Marilyn’s Café: I’ve eaten here three times so far… Open 24 hours day it’s an excellent place to grab a bite to eat any time of the day. And between midnight and 5:00 am, they offer $5 breakfasts.
  • The Cantina: Try their Taco Salad … excellent.
  • Beachfront Coffee: I’m a big fan of ice coffee and I haven’t been disappointed yet. At $2.50 a pop, I’m saving a buck or so versus the Starbucks down the street.

Party Calendar

This is mainly for Defcon and Blackhat however all the relevant BSides parties are included as well.


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