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Someone on the twitters posted about this feature the other day and I just think it’s one of the coolest hacks to emulate a “guest” mode for iOS 6 devices. I can see this coming in very handy when your kids ask to use your iPhone or iPad and although you usually trust them, you’d rather play it safe than sorry. Out of the box there is no documented support for a guest mode but by enabling a hidden feature called Guided Access you can quickly and easily limit the little guys and gals to just the current app.


  • Navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.
  • Set the Guided Access switch to On.
  • Configure a passcode (unfortunately you only have the option of 4 digits).
  • Set Enable Screen Sleep to On (or risk running your battery down).

Start a Session

  • Start the app you want to limit use to and triple-click the Home button.
  • Configure session-specific options; the defaults are probably just fine but you can also enable/disable hardware buttons, touch, and motion as well as circle areas of the screen to disable.
  • Press the Start button and hand over your phone to the little ones.

End a Session

  • After the kiddos get bored triple-click the Home button.
  • Enter the passcode.
  • Press the End button.

To start up the next app just repeat the above process again. Find out more about Guided Access on Apple’s support site.


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