Starbucks Wifi Risk Infographic

I just love Starbucks (yep, I’m in one right now as I write this) as we’ve written about before so I just had to repost this infographic from ThreatMetrix. Thanks to Bill Brenner for bringing it to our attention.

For ultimate security the basic takeaway is use your own wireless access, such as tethering to your phone. The guy sitting right next to me happens to be following this advice (unfortunately, he’s not using a privacy screen so I can pretty much see watch him edit his MailChimp list. 😉 ).

Anyway bringing your own wireless access seems pretty unreasonable given that free wifi is probably the second reason many of us head to Starbucks in the first place. Yeah, there’s that coffee thing too I guess. The next best option then is to be careful of the network you connect to and use a VPN service (be sure to see the comments).


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    BLOGGED: Starbucks Wifi Risk Infographic

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    Starbucks Wifi Risk Infographic

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