NSA … Hacking Adversaries Since 1997

NSAFor those history buffs out there the National Security Agency (NSA) has recently released a trove of declassified documents, many pertaining to their development of cyber offensive capabilities as early as 1997. Obviously, don’t expect to learn anything super-secret here but the 98 documents do provide some context of where they came from and what to expect going forward. From a GWU.edu article the highlights include the following.

  • The NSA’s earlier concerns about the vulnerability of sensitive computer systems to either viruses or compromise through foreign intelligence service recruitment of computer personnel (Document 1, Document 2, Document 3, Document 4, Document 9)
  • The Secretary of Defense’s March 1997 authorization of the National Security Agency to conduct computer network attack operations (Document 11)
  • Detailed discussions of Chinese computer network exploitation activities (Document 66, Document 79, Document 83)
  • Analyses of the Stuxnet worm (Document 40, Document 42, Document 44, Document 88)
  • Extensive treatments of intelligence collection concerning U.S. technologies through computer network exploitation (Document 18, Document 55, Document 63)

Head on over to the GWU article below for much more detail and links to PDFs.

via GWU.edu

Since at least 1997, the National Security Agency (NSA) has been responsible for developing ways to attack hostile computer networks as part of the growing field of Information Warfare (IW), according to a recently declassified internal NSA publication posted today by the non-governmental National Security Archive (“the Archive”) at The George Washington University. Declaring that “the future of warfare is warfare in cyberspace,” a former NSA official describes the new activity as “sure to be a catalyst for major change” at the super-secret agency.

The document is one of 98 items the Archive is posting today that provide wide-ranging background on the nature and scope of U.S. cyber activities.

Activities in cyberspace — both defensive and offensive — have become a subject of increasing media and government attention over the last decade, although usually the focus has been on foreign attacks against the United States, most notably the Chinese government’s reported exploitation of U.S. government, commercial and media computer networks. At the same time, the apparent U.S.-Israeli created Stuxnet worm, designed to damage Iranian centrifuges, has put the spotlight on the United States’ own clandestine cyber efforts.

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    Remember that Eligible Receiver exercise was also held in 1997.

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