Where’s Grecs? At AIDE of Course.

Just wanted to put out a quick post that to say that I’ll be attending AIDE on Friday in Huntington, WV. If anyone is up for meeting up, getting some drinks, or just arguing the intricacies of infosec, just hit me up on Twitter at @grecs. I always enjoy meeting new people so please don’t be shy … come up and introduce yourself!

For those interested … I’m honored to have been selected to present there. On Friday at 2:00 PM I’ll be giving a talk titled “Malware Analysis Triage for n00bs” covering some of the foundational concepts for those interested in getting into this unique field.

Here is an abstract for anyone that’s looking for a bit more info.

“Malware Analysis Triage for n00bs”

Knowing how to perform basic malware analysis can go a long way in helping infosec analysts do some basic triage to either crush the mundane or recognize when its time to pass the more serious samples on to the big boys. This presentation covers several analysis environment options and the three quick steps that allows anyone with a general technical background to go from n00b to ninja (;)) in no time. Well … maybe not a “ninja” per se but the closing does address follow-on resources for those wanting to dive deeper into the dark world of malware analysis.


Hope to see you there… Today’s post pic is from Appyide.org. See ya!

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    #NoVABloggers Where’s Grecs? At AIDE of Course. http://t.co/59kE0t64E8

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    Where’s Grecs? At AIDE of Course! Get more info here http://t.co/iC49hCGrFr

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