ShmooCon Epilogue Videos Remix

A while ago we posted the videos for the NovaHackers ShmooCon Epilogue however they were all merged together in series of five different segments. We tried our best by giving start times for each talk but now there’s even something better. Brett Thorson has recut through everything and now they are available as individual talks. We link to videos below but be sure to check out his original post, which also includes a link to a convenient YouTube playlist. You might also be interested in Brett’s Compute Cycle podcast.

Malware Analysis in 3 Steps


Burp Proxy Web Analysis “Suiteness”

Joshua Schroeder

Ad-on Talk :

GK Southwick

Ruining Security Models with SSH

Andrew Morris

Future of Mobile Platform Security

Richard Puckett

Finding TOR nodes on Virustotal

Brandon Dixon

No recorded…

The Makings of an Insider Threat Program

Shane Shroeder

Hacking Non-Traditional Systems Luis “connection”


Getting Started with CTFs


The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments

Chris Gates and Joe McCray

The Current Packers and Crypters of Our Generation


No Tools? No Problem! Building a PowerShell Bot

Chris Campbell (obscuresec)

Writing Malware for CCDC



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