How to Keep Up with RSAC When Not at RSAC

One of the questions that often comes up for those not attending the annual shindig known as the RSA Conference (RSAC) is “How do I keep with everything going on at RSAC when I’m not there?” I was wondering the same thing and worked up a few ways.

But first I do want to make the point that most of us not attending the conference probably know more of what’s going on than the actual attendees. Externally it is easier to peek into the RSAC “snow globe” and get a big picture view of the key information and trends. This perspective provides just the good stuff without the distractions of unimportant details.

So what’s the best way to peek into the proverbial “snow globe?” Here’s what I’ve been doing to keep up with all the festivities.

My primary way, as you might have guessed, is Twitter. Just follow the #RSAC hashtag for all the back channel action. Yeah, you’ll have to wade through things more … but hey … that’s Twitter.

My backup is usually news sites that have special pages dedicated to RSAC with paid staff to do all the hard work. Here are three of my favorites with a listing of some of their current stories.

Dark Reading’s RSA Conference 2013: Complete Coverage (more opinion/analysis based)

Help Net Security’s Highlights from RSA Conference 2013 (a little more product focused)

SC Magazine’s RSA Right Now (just their news page)

A few of the other media outlets I track are covering RSAC as well however they don’t seem to have dedicated resource pages for the conference. These include CSO Online with most of their conference coverage coming from Bill Brenner and The Register’s security area where they tag conference articles with RSA 2013.


How do you keep up with all the activities at RSAC? Let us know in the comments below. Today’s post pic is from See ya!

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