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There’s a certain part of the community out there that lives on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and we try to push our content out to as many of those sites as possible. However there is a certain group of infosec professionals that run it old school style and live or die by their inboxes. With that in mind we would like to introduce our new Daily and Weekly blog post email digests. You can choose to receive a daily email to your inbox with all our blog posts, or a weekly digest recapping that week’s articles.

(Note: As part of a campaign to bring forward some of our older posts that we feel still benefit the community, we’ve added this article to our Best Of category that will periodically get tweeted out. Please mention it to me on Twitter or contact us if there are any other posts you feel we should include in this category. This post was previously categorized under Announcements. [email protected]grecs)

In March we also plan to start a monthly newsletter. Be the first to hear about our new offerings and get a behind the scenes look of what’s going on at NoVA Infosec. We don’t have the exact format worked out yet but it will most likely include upcoming plans, lessons learned, local business and professional spotlights, top posts from the month, etc.

You can sign up for the Daily, Weekly, or Newsletter email options on our Alerts/Newsletter page. In the future if you have any problems finding this form just look in our Subscriptions box under ‘Subscribe to iCal’ in the right hand column.


Are there any features you would like to see in our Newsletter? Let us know in the comments below. Today’s post pic is from See ya!

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    BLOGGED: Subscribe to Our Daily & Weekly Email Digests!

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    Best Of: Subscribe to Our Daily & Weekly Email Digests!

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    Best Of: Subscribe to Our Daily & Weekly Email Digests!

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