NovaHackers ShmooCon Epilogue Videos

For the second annual 2013 ShmooCon Epilogue after-con the NoVA Hackers Association experimented with streaming the talks live via Google Hangouts. As a result of this all of the content automatically becomes available on YouTube for people to view after the fact. Unfortunately due to nuances of this Hangouts, things didn’t go as planned and instead of one contiguous video they actually have five. The good news is that as far as we can tell all the talks were captured!

Based on the originally published schedule and a little bit of scanning through the videos, we have listed the talks contained within each of the five recorded streams and the approximate time when each talk started. And if someone is interested in cutting these streams up into individual talks, I’m sure that would be appreciated as well (just hit up @mubix or @carnal0wnage).

Part I

Malware Analysis in 3 Steps by Grecs (0:32:00)
Burp Proxy Web Analysis “Suiteness” by Joshua Schroeder (1:27:00) by Bansidhe GKSouthWick (3:03:25)
Ruining Security Models with SSH by Andrew Morris (3:25:20)

Part II

Ruining Security Models with SSH by Andrew Morris (continued)
Future of Mobile Platform Security by Richard Puckett (0:23:12)

Part III

Finding TOR nodes on Virustotal by Brandon Dixon (not recorded)
The Makings of an Insider Threat Program by Shane Shroeder (00:45)

Party IV

Hacking Non-Traditional Systems by Luis “connection” Santana (0:03:15)
Getting Started with CTFs by Forgotten (0:58:00)
The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments by Chris Gates and Joe McCray (1:54:35)

Part V

The Current Packers and Crypters of Our Generation by n1tr0 (0:06:15)
No Tools? No Problem! Building a PowerShell Bot by Chris Campbell (obscuresec) (1:04:15)
Writing Malware for CCDC by Mubix (2:00:00)


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