3-2-1 ShmooCon Sunday Recommendations

Following up on our Friday and Saturday recommendations we wanted to put out our picks for Sunday in the 3-2-1 format. For those that missed it, this format means trying to attend no more than 3 Presentations, 2 Activities, and 1 Challenge each day at ShmooCon. And then spend the day enjoying the true benefits of security cons, e.g., meeting and networking with your infosec peers. Anyway, here you go with our 3-2-1 ShmooCon Recommendations for Sunday.


“Hacking as an Act of War” with Gmark Hardy at 11:00 in Bring It On!: We were a little learly of recommending a “cyber war” talk here but Gmark is a great speaker and probably one of the few people who can bridge the security community/government cultures. Hopefully we will learn some of the ins-and-outs of what is and what is not consider war in the world of hacking.

“MASTIFF: Automated Static Analysis Framework” with Tyler Hudak at 12:00 in Build It!: Forensics is often divided into dynamic and static analysis. Dynamic is relatively easier than static analysis and so any help we can have here is much appreciated. Oh … and there will be a demo.

“Is Practical Information Sharing Possible?” with Sean Barnum, Doug Wilson, Ben Miller at 1:30: Take a simple idea of “hey, let’s share information with each other so we can all better defend against the bad guys,” add  concerns over privacy, the potential loss of intellectual property, the complexities of domestic and international laws, and the sharing format, and you have quite a mess on your hands. We don’t see us solving the problem here but hopefully it’ll move the conversation forward.


Closing Remarks: After information sharing discussion be sure to stick around for this fun filled close to ShmooCon. The organizers, volunteers, sponsors, etc. have worked very hard to bring you the very best conference so stick around to show your appreciation. Plus the remarks can be a pretty entertaining at times.


Obtain Epilogue Ticket: Instead of heading home, stick around for another day and challenge yourself to obtaining a ticket to yet another full day of talks and networking at @novahackers‘ 2nd annual ShmooCon Epilogue.


Are there any other things going on Saturday? Let us know in the comments below. Today’s post pic is from XandraJames.com. See ya!

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    3-2-1 ShmooCon Sunday Recommendations http://t.co/50I6OGeE

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    As usual missed our 1st recommended talk with Gmark but now in MASTIFF. http://t.co/qh0qsfNU

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    Checking out #shmoocon info sharing panel… http://t.co/qh0qsfNU

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