3-2-1 ShmooCon Saturday Recommendations

Cover from Saturday Night FeverFollowing up on our post yesterday we wanted to put out some Saturday recommendations in the 3-2-1 format. For those that missed it, this format means trying to attend no more than 3 Presentations, 2 Activities, and 1 Challenge each day at ShmooCon. And then spend the day enjoying the true benefits of security cons, e.g., meeting and networking with your infosec peers. Anyway, here you go with our 3-2-1 ShmooCon Recommendations for Saturday.

3 Presentations

“Moloch: A New and Free Way To Index Your Packet Capture Repository” with Andy Wick and Eoin Miller in the Belay It! track at 11:00: I’ve recently heard about this tool described as an open source implementation of NetWitness. Currently, it’s a bit unstable according to my sources but it shows great promise and can only get better.

“The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: Swartz, Auernheimer, and Beyond” with Orin Kerr and Marcia Hoffman in the Bring It On! track at 12:00: Sure to be a bit of an emotional talk for many, Orin and Marcia plan to to discuss the ins-and-outs of the controversial Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and explain its use in the recent Aaron Swartz and Andrew Auernheimer cases.

“Protecting Sensitive Information on iOS Devices” with David Schuetz in the Belay It! track at 3:00: We all know Android is a security nightmare so we’ve turned to iDevices for not only usability but also a bit of protection as well. David will be detailing many of iOS’s security features as well as ways to get around them. He’ll close, and this is what I’m interested in, some practical advice on keeping our iDevice secure.

2 Activities

FireTalks: Yeah … this again… Join us for the second night of after-con talks with many of the new (and old) faces of infosec.

ShmooCon Party: This is the must attend party of ShmooCon… Be sure to check back at registration often as the wristbands to attend often go fairly quickly. Alternatively, I had luck hanging out at LobbyCon and grabbing some there last year.

1 Challenge

Lockpick Village: It could take awhile to understand the basics, so Saturday is a great time to spend some on-and-off hours learning the fine art of lockpicking.


Are there any other things going on Saturday? Let us know in the comments below. See ya!

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    BLOGGED: 3-2-1 ShmooCon Saturday Recommendations http://t.co/3AlRxsGT

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    Check out our recommendations for ShmooCon on Saturday! http://t.co/YQ5Hqj2b

  4. February 16, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    Checking out “Protecting Sensitive Information on iOS Devices” at #shmoocon… Another talk I was looking forward to. http://t.co/3AlRxsGT

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