BackTrack 6 Speculations

Late last week we put out a quick post on the forthcoming BackTrack 6. @ciphersson started to write a comment on that post but then somewhere along the way a short comment turned into a long response and hense a full blog post on his site. With his permission we are republishing that post here.

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Anyway on to @ciphersson’s response…


As usual I attempt to make a comment on a post somewhere. It then gets to long so I post it here.


^^^^^Great site by the way^^^^^


Here is few of my speculations and that is all they are.

Previous BT core was Ubuntu so there dumping that and going back to what Ubuntu was/is based off of… deb. Why? Because Canonical is bastardizing desktop Linux kinda like apple did to Unix. The direction of of Ubuntu only serves Canonical’s and not the “spirit” of the Linux community. Tho I have a long standing affection for KDE it dose not have strong support it once did, Gnome 3 is shite, Gnome 2 is in it’s death throws and Unity….Well I just punched my self in the face to try and knock the thinking about it out of my skull. But Unity is good for the proverbial mom and pops running mobile Linuxy stuff…… right?

As a relative n00b to infosec it’s not hard to catch on very quickly that there are a few “enthusiast” who are what some may call “paranoid” or others would call a tad bit more “secure.” Either way Canonical’s initial integration of the “amazon shopping lens” over plain http (shit storm ensues thus now https) violates most security folks sensibility’s. Not to mention the TOS that basically says its a keylogger “will send keystokes to…” Not that it is hard to remove or build a spin off the core but again I speculate there are core dev’s who may be of like mind… No self respecting pentesting distro let alone the top dog can support the actions of Shuttleworth’s direction. Is BT beholden to Canonical’s fancy or the Dev’s fancy? I think in part it loosens the Dev’s up to.. ya know the hole Linux idea of freedom thing.

The phone towards the end of the (well produced awesomesauce) video I think suggests a stronger support for the ARM architecture. Maybe as @novainfosec speculated “primarily just be providing the Backtrack packages to install over any current Debian-based OS?” Could that be ARM related due the varying environments like Xfce, Lxde or Enlightenment? Or could it be that the Dev’s know that the environment front has become a highly personalized arena thus giving wider options to the user base?

Another speculation could be Systemd vs UpStart that Ubnutu won’t budge on. If you don’t know what those are then don’t ask a Ubuntu user because they have become as rabid as apple fanboys on there love and support of Jono’s Bacon’s rationality in his unyielding support for every choice the benevolent dictator makes. Then there is Wayland…

I happen to love Elvis and “do it my way” often but As far as major Linux spins go’s that don’t jive, ya dig? Basically Ubnutu has become it’s own beast and is non-conducive to BT’s road map me speculates…

Who knows, all this shit I just said could be completely off the grid… For all I know the core dev’s could have happened by this post and are now quoting Red Forman calling me a jackass. Shit it could be that Like every other spin these days that are adding a “app market store” (RasPi really? WTF was that?) that will sell 0day’s to the highest bidder like Vupan or GTK front ends to perfectly useable cli proggy’s. you know people buy that shit… Or how about “SAS Cloud Backtrack” that is only installable from the google chrome web store. hahahaa. (I happen to have something like that half ass working ironically….)

Joking aside. (if they did that stuff I would re up on the previous Unity action and punch then attempt to kick my self in the skull and weep softly in to my pillow crying for mommy who won’t answer cause shes off flirting with Pentoo) The BT team are awesome and no doubt discussed this greatly. IMO they have consecutively produced the most polished spin for testing there is out there… What they bring out I have a healthy trust it will be fraking great. And I promise to seed to at least a 1:1 ratio.


Back to eclectic trial and error stuff for ideas that will most likely not work or mutate in to other stuff…but hey…. gota try.


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    BackTrack 6 Speculations: Late last week we put out a quick post on the forthcoming BackTrack 6. @ciphersson sta…

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    Late last week we put out a quick post on the forthcoming BackTrack 6. @ciphersson started to write a comment on…

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