ShmooCon Epilogue Speakers & Schedule Released

Yes, even more ShmooCon in the news… There seems to be a lot that revolves around this yearly conference. There’s the actual conference itself … the Firetalks … and an up and coming after-con event known as ShmooCon Epilogue that started last year. Run by the NoVA Hackers Association, Epilogue takes place the Monday after ShmooCon and brings many of the local and ShmooCon-attending talent together one last time before bidding farewell.

To get a feel for the types of talks that go on at ShmooCon Epilogue, check out our wrap-up posts (part I & part II) from last year with videos of most of the presentations. This year the event will take place in Reston, VA, which is about 30 minutes out of DC.

Anyway, they just released the speaker schedule … so if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, why not extend your travel another day? Hey, it’s even Washington’s Birthday so most of the Federal Government will be off too.

Here are some of the highlights from the just released schedule…

  • “Finding TOR nodes on Virustotal” by Brandon Dixon
  • “The Evolution of Pentesting High Security Environments” by Chris Gates & Joe McCray
  • “Getting Started with CTFs” by Forgotten
  • “Writing Malware for CCDC” by Mubix

I’ll also be giving a talk on basic malware analysis for n00bs (like myself). 😉 To get all the details head on over to the NoVA Hackers Assocation’s blog post.


Are you going to Epilogue? Let us know in the comments below. See ya!

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    #NOVABLOGGER: ShmooCon Epilogue Speakers & Schedule Released

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    BLOGGED: ShmooCon Epilogue Speakers & Schedule Released

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    BLOGGED: ShmooCon Epilogue Speakers & Schedule Released //Be sure to get there early!

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