DoD 8570 Security+ Deadline Looming

For all those using Security+ to meet the DoD 8570 requirements, it looks like the”lifetime” designation is no longer valid going forward. CompTIA is taking a page from (ISC)2 and moving toward a Continuing Eduction (CE) program and yearly maintenance fees ($49). And those with the current lifetime designation have until tomorrow night (12/31/12) at midnight to enroll.

Although I have mixed feelings about certifications in general, they are often a necessary evil to get past HR in most companies unless you already know someone on the inside (another reason to find a local meetup and network at some of their events or perhaps join a local mailing list). And in the case of organizations that must adhere to DoD 8570, they are an absolute necessity.

Here’s the full reminder from CompTIA.

Continuing Education Enrollment Deadline!

Time is Running Out!

The deadline to enroll in the CompTIA Continuing Education (CE) Program for individuals who hold a “certified for life” A+, Network+ and/or Security+ certification and want to join the CE Program is December 31st, 2012. Individuals are considered “certified for life” if their certification was earned on or prior to December 31, 2010.

Enrollment in the CE program is optional unless mandated by employer. Individuals that need continuing education credentials must enroll in the CE program by December 31, 2012. Once the enrollment period is closed, individuals will need to retake the certification test to earn a continuing education credential.

Source: “Important CompTIA Cert Info” – Unallocated Space Mailing List (membership required)


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