3 Million Verizon FiOS Customer Records Leaked

Given that Verizon FiOS is big in the metro-DC area we thought some of the local infosec pros might be interested in this recent post from Cyber War News about a potential breach. A malicious hacker who goes by the handle TibitXimer has claimed to have stolen 3 million Verizon records last July that contains data such as “serial numbers, names, addresses, date they became a customer, password to their account, phone numbers, etc.” The hacker posted a dump of around 10% of these records to motivate Verizon to fix the flaw after they ignored his initial reports.

Initially the data was thought to have been from a Verizon Wireless database however after an investigation the company confirmed the data did not come from their servers. But perhaps there was a mix-up? TibitXimer now claims the leak was from a Verizon FiOS database instead. At this point there hasn’t been an official response from Verizon on these new allegations.

If you are interested in taking a look at the dump, the article below links to the original source as well as several mirrors. Who knows what the real story is but with the close of the weekend coming soon, we’ll probably be getting an answer soon.

via CyberWarNews.info

Earlier today there was reports that Verizon wireless customers had been breached, it turns out that it was infact the FiOS customers who were breached in this high profile attack that has seen over 3 million credentials obtained.

The leak comes from a hacker who supports anonymous but does not class them self as a anon, @TibitXimer. FiOS is a internet service that Verizon supplies for people with iPhones, iPads etc.

The leak was originally posted to a share site which required registration but has since been uploaded to anonfiles.me in a 16mb rar file that contains a 286mb txt file named rk10852_042_01z_m_ezzzzed_smgi.txt and is said to only contain a few hundred thousand accounts with the rest to possibly be leaked at a later date.

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