ShmooCon Speaker Line Up Announced

The 15th of December has come and gone and The Shmoo Group has officially announced the speakers for the upcoming hackfest taking place in our very own Washington, DC. With a new “BELYAT IT” track replacing the longstanding “BREAK IT” track to focus more on strategic/long term topics, it’s sure to be a conference much different from previous years. A few local folks that made the elite list include Michael “@theprez98” Schearer and David “@darthnull” Schuetz. Congrats guys! If there’s anyone else that we missed let us know in the comments.

Here’s The Shmoo Group’s official announcement of the talks and speakers as of yesterday. Please check ShmooCon’s News feed for any changes to the line-up. Also this same feed contains a follow-up post with some interesting stats, including total submissions (202), acceptance rate (~18%), male vs. female count, word trends (yeah “cyber” made it in the top 10), and more.


  • Apple iOS Certificate Tomfoolery – Joshua Wright, Tim Medin
  • How to own a Building: Exploiting the Physical World with BacNET and the BacNET Attack Framework – Brad Bowers
  • Bringing The Sexy Back To…Defense In Depth – Martin Fisher
  • WIPE THE DRIVE!!! – Techniques for Malware Persistence – Mark Bagget and Jake Williams
  • Mainframed: The Secrets Inside that Black Box – Phil Young
  • Hide and Seek, Post-Exploitation Style – TJ O’Connor and Tim Tomes


  • DIY: Using Trust to Secure Embedded Projects – Theodore Reed
  • Armor for your Android Apps – Roman Faynberg
  • Running a CTF .. Panel and DIscussion on the Art of Hacker Gaming – Branson Matheson, Brett Thorson, Liam Randall, Jordan Wiens, Tyler Nightswanner
  • Generalized Single Packet Authorization for Cloud Computing Environments – Michael Rash
  • MASTIFF: Automated Static Analysis Framework – Tyler Hudak
  • Forensics – ExFat Bastardized for Cameras – Scott Moulton
  • Own the Con – The Shmoo Group


  • OpenStack Security Brief – Matthew Joyce
  • Paparazzi over IP – Daniel Mende and Pascal Turbing
  • Computer Crime Year in Review – Marcia Hoffman and Orin Kerr
  • Hacking as an Act of War – Gmark Hardy
  • Ten Strategies of a World-Class Computer Security Incident Response Team – Carson Zimmerman
  • These Go to Eleven: When the Law Goes Too Far, Michael Schearer
  • Ka-ching! How to Make Real Money – Margaret Russell
  • The Cloud – Storms on the Horizon – Tyler Pitchford
  • Crypto: You’re doing it wrong – Ron Bowes


  • Bright Shiny Things: Why We Need Intelligent Data Access Controls – Bob Bigman, Craig Rosen, David Ferraiolo, Mark McGovern
  • C10M: Defending the Internet at Scale – Robert Graham
  • PunkSPIDER: An Open Source, Scalable Distributed Fuzzing Project Targeting the Entire Internet – Alejandro Caceres
  • NSM and more with Bro Network Monitor – Liam Randall
  • Protecting sensitive information on iOS devices – David Schuetz
  • Attacking scada Wireless Systems for Fun and Profit – and Fixing – Atlas


What are you looking forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below. See ya!

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    ShmooCon Speaker Line Up Announced: The 15th of December has come and gone and The Shmoo Group has officially an…

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    ShmooCon Speaker Line Up Announced

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    ShmooCon Speaker Line Up Announced

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